Our Bakery

Customers often comment on the constant bustle of activity they see taking place in the bakery behind the shop. It's where the magic happens as our team of qualified pastry chefs prepare and produce our gorgeous range of chaat , pastries and more.....By 11:00 Am we're open for business and greeting our first customers, pouring coffees as we serve pastries and freshly- made sandwiches and rolls. Despite our sometimes hectic schedule, there's nothing we enjoy more than taking the time to provide good old-fashioned service, and we're proud to say we know many of our customers by name.What’s more, the finest of ingredients are utilized in the making of all culinary delights. A stringent quality schedule is adhered to by all the staff members. The hygiene and cleanliness are given paramount importance at all times. In addition to this, the pleasant ambience and cheerful disposition of the staff at all times create an aura that’s truly international by standards yet Indian at heart!



Cake Wala offers a wide range of cakes, cookies & chaats, brownies, puffs & snacks, tarts, muffins & mousse & desserts, rolled ice creams & burgers and a choice of frankies, wraps, sandwiches & rolls. The icing on the cake is the friendly service offered to bring alive all the celebrations. What makes our taste truly tantalizing is because our bakers love what they do and take full pride in baking their creations.